And the winner is….


Before I start to say anything I want to Thank each one of you for participating in my Birthday giveaway. I really enjoyed reading your comments and love which you shared 🙂

It was really hard to select one winner as everyone of you are really …

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Home made Body Scrub: DIY

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are doing good. How many of you buy scrubs specially for your body ? I am not :D. Seriously I don’t pamper to my body as much as for my face 🙂 Most of us ignores the care of our body skin which is most important. But I never purchased the body …

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Avene thermal spring water : Usage + Review

Hi Everyone,

If you have not entered to my Birthday Giveaway yet then check HERE

Today I am going to share the Avene Thermal Spring water uses and the review. I heard most of the bloggers/you-tubers uses thermal water but I never thought of buying it. But when I end up using my toner …

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Birthday giveaway :)

Hey everyone,

23 Jan is my birth date and I thought why not to host a small giveaway for  my friends who read my blog :). Actually I was about to announce this on 23rd Jan itself but because of busy schedule I could not. So lets start with the giveaway rule.

As it is …

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BeautyPlus application to look Pretty

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to share with you all one of the beauty application called BeautyPlus which recently I discover. This application allows us to give magical effects to photos and selfies. I am loving with this application lately as it gives instant glow to face in photos even if you are tired/acne …

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