What not to wear jeggings with?

Jeggings for women are absolute comfort in bottom wear. They are sturdy and long last. They are handy. They can be paired with a lot of tops. They are somewhere between leggings and jeans, so they offer the versatility of teaming up with a wider variety of top wear. With so many reasons in favor of jeggings, its simply impossible not to have a few jeggings in your wardrobe. It’s easy to just pick a jegging and wear it along with a top, tee, tunic or even with a quick unplanned purchase of kurtis online.

Something so comfortable and fashionable as a jeggings go with everything and everywhere. Right? Wrong!. Sorry to bust your bubble, but that’s not the way it works.

Every trend in fashion has its pros and cons. There is no piece of human made fashion trend so far that has no downside to it. Jeggings for women are definitely comfortable. But dressing is not always only about comfort. Yes, comfort is paramount. At the same time other factors like presentation, skin show and modesty count too, if you don’t want to paint yourself into a certain category of women. Just the way you would choose to wear jeggings with your unplanned buy of a kurti online, its equally important to choose when not to wear a jegging. Rather, what not to wear a jegging with is a better way of putting the same point.

Before we proceed further to dissect what not to wear jeggings with, it’s important to understand few basics about jeggings. Jeggings are essentially a replication of skinny jeans in cotton and spandex combination. The result is a skin hugging snug fit but with a lot of comfort and breathability. Some jeggings are also made of jean or denim cloth, they are made to look like skinny jeans with faux pockets and belt loops. There is a whole range of jeggings. But, that’s for another post some other day. Let’s see what not wear jeggings with:-

Figure hugging short tops

Figure hugging short tops and jeggings will make you look like catwoman herself or maybe one of her clan. If that’s your intention, then please go ahead. Else, this is a strict no as a combination of clothes. Civil society has not found acceptance for such clothes on normal people. Plus, they are not comfortable and invite attention that’s really not needed.

Formal clothes

Jeggings are informal clothing. The way they are styled and cut is not for formal occasions. They are a definite no for corporate and high profile official meetings. Show up in one if you want to communicate an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

Fancy shoes

Fancy shoes like thigh high boots, regular boots and heels go well with jeggings. They make a fashion statement equivalent to rebel mode. If that’s not your intention, then choose when to wear fancy shoes with jeggings.

The thing about fashion is, what is trendy today is not, tomorrow. It may get reinvented after a couple of years, but who has seen that long into the future! Right! So the bottom line is to have jeggings in your wardrobe. Why, deny yourself of that comfort. At the same time, don’t go overboard. Choose when and what to wear jeggings with wisely.

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