Hi lovely ladies,

I am Shwetali Dhumal, working as IT Engineer, living in Pune.

I recently started beauty blog. In this blog you will find DIY- (Do It Yourself) skin care recipes, makeup looks,skin care and makeup product reviews, tips and tricks for the makeup and many more.

Hope you love this blog.

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For PR/Business related request mail me at : mailmejustforhi@gmail.comshwetadhumal52@gmail.com

Here are some facts about me:

  1. I have light to medium skin color.
  2. Black hair and eye color.
  3. 5.5 ft height 🙂
  4. Love to wear jeans and top.
  5. Love all summary color like Yellow,Orange and Blue 🙂
  6. Cooking is my hobby other than makeup.
  7. love to travel.
  8. love to make friends. – To make more and more friends I have started my blog <3 Not So Hard To Be Pretty <3
  9. Love to spend time in net surfing.
  10. Love to try different makeup look. Makeup is refreshment for me.

Thank you for visiting  <3 Not So Hard To Be Pretty <3

Please be in touch. I would like to be friend of all of you as I love making friends.

DO NOT hesitate to give me comment even if it is advice, improvement points or something which will help me to improve my blog 🙂

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Bye Bye